November 13 2016 - An entirely new story of Swan Lake by Boris Vargovic Fine Art Photography

Fables don't exist only in books and movies. There are many things in reality right under our nose that we don't even notice. "Meeting the world of elegant mannerisms and gaining the trust of the greatest and most beautiful flyers operating under Podravina skies, reason enough to share this little piece of the Croatian Podravina animal kingdom, in both word and image, with any who are interested."

PODRAVINA - CROATIA by Boris Vargovic Fine Art Landscape Photography

October 16 2014 - New video aded on Youtube canal by Boris Vargovic Fine Art Photography


May 15 - 18 2014 - Award / Journey on the end of the world - The best travel photo of year 2014

The "Diana Klaric" prize was launched in memory of the young lady Diana Klaric, traveler and photographer from Croatian city Sibenik. Diana was gladly shared her experience from the trip as participating Croatian Travel Festival. The initiative for the award started by the Croatian travel club in cooperation and with the support of Diana's family. The prize was first awarded in 2012, and at the first competition have arrived many quality works in all five categories in which the prize is awarded.

Nagrada “Dijana Klarić“


April 01 2011 - New video aded on Youtube canal by Boris Vargovic Fine Art Photography


Australia Day, an event traditionally held in Zagreb until 2007, took place at the Student Center Hall in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. I exhibited 4-meter wide, large format photos of Australia at this event. Pictures of Sydney harbor, Hunter Valley, Murray River, Port Campbell NP - Twelve Apostles, about ten photos of nature scenes from Australia, and about five hundred Australia calendars published that year which were distributed to the guests at this event all added to this manifestation which was attended by about a thousand people. Australia Day 2007 was declared open by the Ambassador of Australia in Croatia, Ms. Tracy Reid.


CAFFE BAR “STARS 2002” - Koprivnica

Summer 2006. Boris Vargovic Fine Art Landscape Photography / Australia - solo exhibition of photographs