• All photos on this page are in low web preview resolution, as opposed to the originals, which vary between 30-70 mega pixels, and that is the actual resolution of the photos delivered to customers.
  • Logotype and watermark appearing on the photos on these web pages will not be printed on the photographs sold to customers. Photos will be delivered with a copyright protect shield, which does not detract from the looks of the picture.
  • Each photograph is crafted individually to the specifications of the customer, and according to the highest standards of quality available today.
  • Regardless of the status of the ordered photo, before shipping each one is carefully checked to ensure all technical parameters of perfection are met.
  • Most of the photographs displayed on these pages have been captured on film by the newest medium format Hasselblad technique, which uses the best quality lenses available today.
  • In developing the photographs I use only premium paper and materials, and they are printed on Professional 8 colors large format printers. This guarantees an incredibly vibrant prints that will last 70-100 years, a lifetime guarantee of your investment.
  • Incorporating these and many other important elements, the buyer receives a true vision of nature captured through my creativity, carrying a specific atmosphere, true colors and a multitude of details. Many of my customers have expressed this as they still enjoy the work of my creative art in their homes or places of business.
  • Photos printed on Premium Photo Paper prepared for standard framing are covered with a thin 38 mic. film to ensure protection from mechanical damage, fingerprints and to give an additional UV protection.
  • As far as color, contrast and brightness are concerned, there is a margin of tolerance of about 10%. It depends on the calibration of the monitor of your computer that you are using to view my pages. My professional ethics demands that I do not deliver photographs before I am certain they will satisfy the maximum level of perfection and technical quality.