100 things - It's All About Passion Behind Illumination

The following list of my “100 things about Photography” which I have implemented in my art photography are some of my principles and personal wisdom which I have developed through three and a half decades of carrying a camera in my hand, learning from mistakes and experiences, mine and other people’s.

I am one of those who has realized that you learn photography and its techniques, but that the spiritual side of photography is something that develops over time and brings the greatest joy. It is worth investing your energy into and sharing it with others. This list will keep growing with time, because before I retire, there will be new and emerging technologies, possibilities and places to discover. There will also be fresh and interesting spiritual levels of photography to reach.

I'm quite sure, I will never take my best photo.
Joy begins when knowledge becomes a minor point.
For experience there's no alternative solution.
Avoiding negative and difficult people means doing your own inspiration a favor.
The camera is not there for cuddling. It's just a tool. Be its master !
Somehow I'm sure that photographic artists always have something different to say.
Photography while traveling and traveling to do photography are two absolutely different worlds.
Not everyone is able to live a creative lifestyle.
Film or digital? ... who cares, both are photography, but film will always contain a magical note.
There is no better way, than photography, to preserve the pleasant part of the past in the present forever.
The whole glory belongs to reality, we are just messengers behind the camera.
Passion is the highest energy and it cannot be stolen or copied.
Someone said "always shoot the RAW." Believe him, it's not a joke.
Photography can't replace the beauty of reality, but it can preserve the beauty of our feeling about reality, which is alive forever.
How to catch an attractive motif ? I don't know, to me it just happens all the time and everywhere.
The first ten thousand shots build knowledge, the following ten thousand experience, but after several hundred thousand,knowledge and experience become feeling. Then after your camera has been serviced or replaced, "moving mountains" in photography may truly begin.
Before you take your first ten thousand shots, buy several hard drives for triple back up, if you don't want to see "mountains moving" because of your negative energy.
War photographers are very special people, all due respect to each and every one of them.
I took the best photos on the journey, not at the destination.
Show me only five of your best photos and I already know you.
Photos shouldn't be raped by Photoshop, this software is also a mirror of the level of photographer's good taste.
Aerial photography is an excellent way of discovering unusual perspectives of our living world.
A photograph is a story about a motif, but it can also be an amazing story about the photographer.
I have been asked once: Boris, it seems you love photography ? ... Well, I don't know how to love photography at all.
A great photo is the result of expensive gear and Photoshop editing, but a bad photo is the result of a bad photographer. It's not easy to catch the point of modern thinking.
Light or eyesight ? There's no journey with only one of them.
Breaking artistic rules is a creative challenge and will not kill anyone, unlike traffic violations. Your work, your rules. How great to be an artist!
Sometimes it seems that clouds live inside my bedroom all my life.
High levels of testosterone are a great fuel for nude photography.
It is a well-known fact that observe something and to see something is not always the same thing, but to see something and to be able to feel it, may really be something.
To feel what we see does not require expensive equipment or the last version of Photoshop, it takes only time.
Love can't be photographed ... true, but thanks to photography, love can become visible.
Studying our own emotions during the act of photography is fitness for the soul.
Spotting opportunities for the best shots, especially while our equipment is broken or being serviced, also makes us a photographers.
There's no tip, tutorial or formula that will tell us how to feel that what we see and catch it with the camera.
I ‘m quite sure that travelers are not able to enjoy photography as much as photographers traveling.
Believe it or not, serious photography is hard work and a difficult mission in life.
No matter how many proud photographers accept the following statement, photography will never replace the magic of reality.
Sometimes I have a hunch that a glimpse across the sky tells me what Earth has on her mind.
FORGET MURPHY ! Keep the camera always close by, too many great photos often happen unplanned.
A photographer without personality is only half a photographer.
True value cannot be experienced with the eyes.
If you always want to have perfect lighting, don't ever leave your studio!
Studio photography sometimes seems claustrophobic.
Just wondering, isn't a photographer's greatest fantasy this: one lens for all conditions?
Do not take pictures of people if kindness is not in your nature.
It's true that a picture's worth a thousand words, but not to everyone.
Sunrises and sunsets are great sources of inspiration, but without foreground all of that is only half the story.
The most interesting photo that was commissioned to take is still in use for meditation in Japan, I didn't even accept money for mailing expenses.
Reading books, studying photos and forum discussions are ok, but real photography always happens behind the lens.
Too much selection among shots is mostly a waste of time, the first choice is always the best one.
Every single road will always take you somewhere. This travel principle does not apply in Hungary.
Lenses are the most important, but light is more important.
Neutral density filters are the most interesting pieces of equipment for “shooting” nature.
Being in love in with what we “shoot” is the point, but if you “shoot” models keep in mind that your wife could easily show you how marriage can kill creativity.
I don't like competitions. Motivation to win also kills creativity.
I dare say that, by the time I've finished composing this list, I have been lucky because I haven't found out yet how marriage can kill creativity.
As an old-fashioned darkroom film photographer I respect some Photoshop posibilities, but I want my darkroom back !
Those who love studying people should be “shooting” portraits.
Be very careful with creative ideas, because some people suddenly come up with the absolutely same ideas and exactly at the very same time as you.
The art of photography is love and passion in slow motion, a package of pure creative energy that can be felt, visible and which moves from wall to wall.
Trying to explain the language of your own soul by using words is the same as describing the smell of a rose to someone who never smelled one.
Photography is a four (p)art story : Picture taking, processing, printing and framing. Many times I'm not sure which (p)art is my favorite.
Editing photos and manipulating photos are two different things.
Creativity in known is fortune but discovered creativity in an unknown is alwais step higher
Regardless of the fact that I mention "shooting" many times here, cross my heart, I have never shot anyone except with the camera.
Those who don't want a straitjacket as a daily outfit, shouldn't be bothered by someone's 100 things list. Things need to just happen, everywhere and all the time.

*** If some of these things sound funny, it doesn't necessarily mean that I do not know how to be serious when I need to be. Sorry if I missed some of my best 100 things, I was just busy taking pictures.