Boris Vargovic Fine Art Landscape Photography - PREMIUM POSTERS

Posters can be made from all Open Edition status photos and they are printed on 140 gr photo paper. They are covered with a 38 mic foil, which prolongs the durability and protects the poster from mechanical damage and UV radiation.

  • Posters are printed to order, one by one, and they are numbered and contain the author's seal of authenticity and the "do not copy" warning. Posters also have the hidden copy-protection.
  • Photos from the Limited Edition and Exclusive Edition galleries are not made into posters.


  • Each photo, except for those from the Limited Edition or Exclusive Edition galleries, has the option of being made into decorative photo wallpaper to be used in your home. If you are interested in this option please contact me. You can choose from a couple of options, paper for wet application (like standard wallpaper), or the self-adhesive one. The self-adhesive wallpaper is made on an adhesive PVC foil, which is more durable and clings to the wall more easily, and it can be cleaned with a wet rag. If you order this variety, your wall surface needs to be smooth or previously covered with standard wallpaper. Then you can simply apply the photo wallpaper on top of that. Photo wallpaper can be made with a 2 cm edge, so while you are applying one strip over the other, there is a visible point of connection. This mode of manufacturing is used more for paper wallpaper. With self-adhesive PVC wallpaper there is no edge, because these are much easier to apply onto the wall and the edges connect seamlessly. Photo wallpaper is made in pieces. After the buyer sends the dimensions of the wall, the width of one segment of the wallpaper will be mostly 40" (1 m), and the height will be as tall as the wall where the wallpaper is going, or if the buyer does not want it all the way up, he/she can send us the desired height. When ordering photo wallpaper it is possible to create a computerized simulation of the space with the photo wallpaper, I would only need an appropriate photo of your space for this simulation. This service is free of charge. The quality of the photograph in the case of wallpapers is somewhat less than with photo printing on premium paper or canvas, because of the material used for the wallpaper and the magnification (sometimes the width is 400"/10m), but since all the original photos are in 30-70 mega pixel resolution, the quality is still excellent.